Data transmission has become an important link for social and economic development, and with the rapid development of industrial Internet, cloud computing, autonomous driving and other services, the demand is rising. However, due to the nonlinearity and bandwidth limitations of amplifiers, the communication capacity of single-mode fiber is close to the limit (100Tb/s). How to further improve the optical fiber transmission capacity and meet the growing demand for data transmission has become the core of the current optical fiber communication technology research.

At the Mobile World Congress, as the world's top two supplier of optical fiber and cable shipments in recent years, FiberHome has brought new optical fiber technologies and breakthrough achievements such as 19-core and 7-core space division multiplexing optical fibers, paving the way for the development of future communication optical fibers and supporting the prosperity and development of the global communications industry.

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Self-developed 19-core single-mode fiber based on multi-core multiplexing technology

In the case that other dimensions of optical fiber transmission cannot be broken through, multi-core multiplexing technology provides a new direction for improving optical fiber capacity, so that the transmission capacity of the system can be increased by orders of magnitude. Multi-core multiplexing technology is to design multiple cores in the cladding structure of the same fiber, and each fiber core is equivalent to an independent transmission unit, which can realize the independent transmission of multiple signals along different fibers in the same fiber. Based on the self-developed 19-core single-mode optical fiber, FiberHome has achieved a system transmission capacity of 3.61Pbit/s, which is equivalent to downloading about 135,300 movies with the highest image quality in 1 second, setting a new world record for the transmission capacity of single-mode and multi-core optical fiber. At present, all optical fiber transmission experiments with a transmission capacity of more than 1Pbit/s are realized by using multi-core optical fibers, and it can be said that multi-core optical fibers are an indispensable transmission medium in the future commercial P-bit optical fiber transmission technology.

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FiberHome promotes the continuous development of multi-core optical fiber technology

Since 2013, FiberHome has been researching multi-core multiplexing technology, and has made breakthroughs in the theoretical basis and preparation process of multi-core optical fibers, and in 2014, it participated in the National 973 Program "Basic Research on Multi-dimensional Multiplexed Optical Fiber Communication" project.

In 2017, the 560 Tbit/s optical transmission system experiment was completed based on 7 fibers, which can realize 13.5 billion simultaneous calls on one optical fiber, and in 2019, the 1.06 Pbit/s ultra-large capacity transmission system was realized for the first time in China using self-developed 19 fibers.

In 2020, it received the key support of the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Plan Project and successfully developed 24 core optical fibers, further increasing the transmission capacity of multi-core optical fibers to 1.5Pbit/s, and participated in the national key R&D project in the same year to start the construction of multi-core optical fiber optical cable lines in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In 2022, it completed the world's first 3.03Pbit/s single-mode 19-core optical fiber transmission system experiment, participated in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Super Optical Network Project, and completed the preparation, laying and fusion construction of multi-core optical cable with the project partners.

In 2023, it will once again break the single-mode multi-core optical fiber transmission record, and complete the experiment of single-mode 19-core optical fiber transmission system with a transmission capacity of 3.61Pbit/s, achieving another major breakthrough in the field of "three super" optical communications in China.

Multi-core multiplexing technology is in line with the development trend of optical fiber communication, which is a major innovation in the field of optical fiber communication technology and one of the development directions of the next generation of optical communication technology. FiberHome actively responds to national policies, undertakes a number of national and provincial key R&D projects, and continues to contribute to major national scientific and technological projects. In the future, FiberHome will continue to carry out special research on multi-core optical fiber technology, promote the industrialization of multi-core optical fiber, and tap the potential of optical fiber, develop and master new optical fiber and cable technology, and provide strong support for the all-optical network era. line