Return&Exchange Steps

1. Submit a return and exchange application in "My Order":

A. After the order is signed, if you need to process a return or exchange, It must apply within 15 days from the date of receipt.
B. After the order has been applied for the return and exchange service, if the goods do not arrive at our warehouse within 30 days, the system will automatically invalidate return and exchange application;
C. Service time: 7×24 hours, all year round;

2. Fill in the return and exchange list

Please be sure to correctly fill in all kinds of information on the quick return and exchange form and postal parcel list, including
A. The name, delivery address, and contact information
B. The order number
C. To handle the return or exchange
D. The name and quantity of the goods to be returned and exchanged, and the reason for return/exchange

Note: If the above information is missing, we may not be able to handle the return and exchange of goods. At the same time, please ensure that the filled information is true, accurate, and legal and will not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party. If you cannot return or exchange the product, delay the return or exchange or cause other legal third-party disputes due to the incorrect information filled in, we are not responsible; if this causes a third party to claim rights against us, we reserve all rights to recover.

3. Return the goods by express delivery according to the process:

A. Please send out the goods within 5 days after successfully submitting the return and exchange application, so that our company can arrange quality inspection and follow-up after-sales processing in time after receiving the goods. When returning the product, please be sure to add a plastic bag or box to the original packaging box to avoid direct delivery tape sticking to the outer packaging box, destroying the integrity of the outer packaging box, and thus affecting the second sale of the product.

B. The products we send have both inner and outer packaging. The outer packaging carton is provided for customers to return and exchange goods. The purpose is to save resources and facilitate customers to protect the inner box and products. The inner packaging and box are to ensure product integrity, please do not damage.
Note: If you do not apply for a return or exchange on the website, please be sure to indicate the return or exchange on the returned shopping voucher, or directly contact customer service for instructions. For goods that meet the conditions for return and exchange, but the return or exchange is not indicated, and the customer service cannot successfully contact you within 24 hours after our company receives the goods. Our company will directly handle the return according to the default

4. Carry out commodity quality inspection:

Quality inspection time
We will complete the quality inspection within 1 working day after receiving the goods you send back
We provide the fastest return and exchange quality inspection service to facilitate customers to return and exchange as soon as possible;
A.Quality inspection passed:
If the quality inspection is passed and the goods you send meet the standards for return and exchange, then we will provide you with a return and exchange service, and process an exchange or return for you within 1 working day after the completion of the quality inspection;
B.Quality inspection failed:
If the quality inspection does not meet the return and exchange standards, we will return the original product to you;

5. Product return:

A. If there is a problem with the product, please contact the customer service staff in time. After the review is passed, if your product is not received within 15 days, we will automatically review and fail your repair request.
B. After the product is returned for repair, it will be returned to the customer by express delivery for free. If the customer refuses to sign, we have the right to freely dispose of the product

6. Precautions for return and exchange or related shipping instructions

A. Gift packages or packages and other activities (such as price-added purchases, combined products), if the main product bound to the gift needs to be returned, the gift must be returned together. The returned goods must be kept in good condition. If the gift or another one of them cannot be returned, it will be deducted from the refund according to the original online price.
B. If the product has a tag, please do not cut or damage the tag easily. If the tag is cut or damaged, it will directly affect the return service;
C. Goods that meet the promised return and exchange standards, please return by ordinary express delivery. The express delivery cost of an order only bears the freight up to USD 50. The excess part will be borne by the customer. After the receipt is checked, the gift card will be used Return the freight in the way;
D. The return of the order for which the freight has been paid, is not due to our reasons or quality problems, the freight will not be refunded;
E. We do not accept the return of goods by surface mail, pay on delivery, or freight;
F, coupons and other non-cash gifts will not be refunded when returning the goods (except for product quality problems);
Note: The coupons given in promotional activities meet the following conditions when returning the goods, and the used coupons can be restored
G. If the goods purchased at a price increase need to be returned, the original price increase amount will be refunded. If the gift is returned, there will be no refund amount;
H. Please indicate the reason for the return and exchange on the purchase voucher

Once the returned items are received and checked, the return center will process your refund immediately. The time you receive the refund will vary depending on the payment method used when ordering.
• International credit card payment, the refund operation will be completed within 2 weeks.
• Alipay payment, the refund operation will be completed within 5 working days, if you choose a balance account payment, please check your Alipay account balance
• WeChat Pay, the refund operation will be completed within 5 working days. If you choose WeChat Wallet to pay, please check your wallet account balance
• Paypal, the refund operation will be completed within 5 working days.
• For wire transfer, please call and provide the bank account information of the order holder. The refund will be completed within 5 working days.
• Bank account information includes
• Return number:
• Account holder name:
•Bank Account:
• Full name of the bank:
• Bank (branch) branch name:
• The city/province of the bank (branch) branch:
• Account holder email:
To check when the refund will be deposited into your account or for any other questions, please contact Alipay, WeChat or the card issuing bank.