About Us

YCICT is an integrated communication system supplier specializing in communication network equipment and technical solutions. We are committed to providing research and development, design and sales of communication system equipment for telecom operators, government, electric power, coal mining and other sectors and enterprises, and also provide customers with professional and complete customized communication technology solutions.


After years of technology research and development and experience accumulation, the company has formed a full network product system covering public network communications and private network communications including the core layer, convergence layer and access layer. Products and solutions include core networks, access networks, and optical networks, command and dispatch, smart applications, etc. Product scope has expanded from the private network market to the public network field, and the market has expanded from the domestic market to the overseas market



At present, YCICT has launched a 5G end-to-end overall solution, and the self-developed 5G entire network solution is already in the stage of productization and commercialization. The company will continue to increase investment in research and development, in goal to enhance its competitive advantages in technology and services, and achieve greater development in the future.



Core Service

Integrated communication system supplier of communication network equipment and technical solutions

Purchase and sales of computer software, hardware, and electronic products; communication information consulting; computer system integration, communication engineering, communication equipment, industrial automation, optical transmission equipment, explosion-proof electrical appliances, safety technology prevention engineering, water regime automation system related engineering, and building intelligence Design and construction of chemical engineering; domestic trade; import and export business, production of computer software and hardware, and electronic products; production of soft switching equipment, mining communications and automation products.




Core competitiveness: Core technical advantages

With years of development in the communications field, the company has mastered a number of core technologies. It provides customized and personalized equipment and solutions to meet the individual needs of different customers, and has comprehensive solution capabilities: the company has developed and developed with many years of technology accumulation. The new generation of IMS core network system has been unanimously recognized by customers for its large capacity, carrier-class, and high reliability. The company has strong custom development capabilities, and can develop products according to customer specific needs and deliver them on time.


Core competitiveness: Service qualification advantage

The communication equipment industry has a relatively high qualification entry threshold, which needs to pass the qualification review of the industry competent department, and should meet the industry standards of the industry competent department and the application field. According to relevant national laws and regulations and management regulations of different customer industries, the company and related products have passed the review of professional institutions.


Core competitiveness: Product supply advantage

The company’s main products cover the core, convergence, and access layers of public network communications and private network communications. Products and solutions include core networks, access networks, optical networks, command and dispatch, smart applications, etc. Relying on core technology and cost advantages, actively implementing the "wide product line" strategy, forming a full range of "one-stop" supply capabilities for communication equipment, and widely entering various communications in various industries and fields such as operators, governments, electric power, coal mines, etc. The bidding and procurement of equipment, and the strategic layout of multiple industries enable the company to have a strong ability to resist market risks.