1,Items that are prohibited by national laws and regulations (dangerous goods\liquid\powder\flammable and explosive\narcotics\animals and plants\harm prevention customs, etc.) need to be explained to the customer service in advance. Otherwise, they will be responsible for the consequences. The company is not responsible for any reasons (including other reasons) such as delays in delivery or return due to overseas customs deductions due to goods, or delivery delays caused by ominous addresses.

2,Our company is an agency service provider, and the service provided is responsible for transferring the goods to the courier company of your choice. Follow-up problems are beyond our control. If there is damage, loss, etc. during the operation of the express, please refuse to sign for the goods and apply for compensation to the local express company. Compensation standards refer to relevant laws and regulations and the regulations of various express companies.

3,Since the arrival time of EMS is unstable, if it is a more urgent item, it is recommended to better express delivery methods, such as DHL, UPS, etc., so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and loss to you. 

4, Fragile products do not bear any insurance liability, and no compensation will be given for damage to the inner parts of the goods in good packaging.

5, All quotations do not include customs duties at the destination (the goods may have tariffs after they arrive at the destination, and the laws of each country are different, so the proportion of tariffs is different. Our company is not responsible for the customs duties at the destination.) Customs fines, storage fees and return fees caused by the recipient’s responsibility, if the recipient refuses to pay, it will be automatically changed to the sender’s payment.

6, Invoices or proforma invoices must be provided at the time of delivery, otherwise it is deemed that our company is authorized to declare on its behalf. If customs deductions or delays occur due to declaration reasons, our company will not bear the relevant responsibilities and expenses, and our company will not bear the responsibility of the illegal goods. All responsibilities and expenses incurred.

7, A surcharge is required for the recipient address in a remote area. The surcharge shall be subject to the official website announcement and be paid directly by the sender.