Fiberhome medium-sized OLT equipment with 6 service board slots and EPON/GPON/10G EPON integrated access capability

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Brand Fiberhome

Fiberhome AN5516-06 is a hybrid Optical Line Terminal for the high-speed, multi-service, and wide coverage requirements of next-generation optical networks. It is compatible with multiple optical access methods such as EPON, GPON and 10G PON, and meets FTTX. Various application scenarios require a new generation of large-capacity carrier-grade optical fiber access equipment.

The functional positioning of Fiberhome AN5516-06 is used in conjunction with the remote equipment ONU to support broadband services such as VoIP, TDM, IPTV, CATV and Internet access in the FTTx solution

Fiberhome AN5516-06 OLT YCICT

Fiberhome AN5516-06 Specifications
Brand Fiberhome
Model No. AN5516-06
Dimension: 550*460*380mm
Operating Environment Temperature: -40℃~+65
Humidity:5%~95% (non-condensing
Power Supply Parameters -48V DC input
Supports dual power protection
Working Voltage range  -38.4V-72V
Support 220V / 110V AC input
Backplane Exchange capacity 720Gbit/s
Control Board Exchange Capacity 512Gbit/s
Access Capacity 16*10G EPON
8*10G GPON
Access Type Upstream interface: 10GE optical, GE optical/electricity
Service interface: EPON optical port, GPON optical port, 10G EPON optical port, P2P FE optical port, P2P GE optical port, Ethernet optical interface
System Performance Layer 2 / Layer 3 wire-speed forwarding
Support static router /RIP/OSPE.MPLS
BITS/E1/STM-1/Ethernet/1588v2/1PPS+ToD clock
Maximum support 1:256 splitting ratio
Maximum support 60KM logical distance
Fiberhome AN5516-06 Features

Rich interface types

Fiberhome AN5516-06 supports a variety of physical interface types, uplink interfaces include: 10GE optical interface, GE optical interface, GE electrical interface, E1 electrical interface, STM-1 optical interface; user interface includes: EPON optical interface, GPON optical interface; in addition, it also provides Various management interfaces, dry contact interfaces and clock alarm interfaces, etc.

QoS guarantee

Fiberhome AN5516-06 has QoS guarantee and supports end-to-end QoS solutions. It can provide different quality network services for various customers and businesses, which provides a foundation for the development of various business management. With flexible bandwidth management capabilities, its dual management mode based on SLA and priority allows users to obtain smaller specified bandwidth requirements and low latency requirements for high-priority services (TDM), ensuring service QoS.

Good design

Fiberhome AN5516-06 supports hot swapping of the chassis and provides good redundancy protection for power supplies, fans, chassis, interfaces, and optical line protection switching mechanisms. It supports the 1:1 main/standby switching function of the core switching disk, which can achieve fast switching. After the core switching disk is switched, there is no need to change the settings of the uplink interface, which greatly facilitates the user's maintenance and management operations.

Fiberhome AN5516-06 OLT YCICT

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More Information
Brand Fiberhome
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